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Emmy Best Dressed 2017


shoppe33 fair popup qubicle

SHOPPE 33 Fair Pop-Up at Qubicle Center

With the upcoming year end holidays, SHOPPE33.COM held another event titled Fair Pop-Up at Qubicle Center Senopati 79. The event which took place from 5-10 December 2016 featuring a wide collection of international designers such as Alice McCall (Australia), Keepsake The Label (Australia), C/MEO Collective (Australia), Alexis (USA), Erika Cavallini (Italy), Isa Arfen (United Kingdom), Markus Lupfer (United Kingdom), GOEN.J (Korea) and many more. SHOPPE33.COM also featured the work of young local designers such as Vivian Lee, Mazuki, accessories from Crimson Mays and latest lingerie and active wear label, Raquel.

Menyambut masa liburan akhir tahun, SHOPPE33.COM kembali mengadakan event bertajuk Fair Pop-Up di Qubicle Center Senopati 79. Event yang berlangsung pada tanggal 5-10 Desember 2016 ini menampilkan ragam koleksi desainer internasional seperti Alice McCall (Australia), Keepsake The Label (Australia), C/MEO Collective (Australia), Alexis (USA), Erika Cavallini (Italia), Isa Arfen (Inggris), Markus Lupfer (Inggris), GOEN.J (Korea) dan masih banyak lainnya. SHOPPE33.COM juga menampilkan karya desainer muda lokal seperti Vivian Lee, Mazuki, aksesori dari Crimson Mays dan label pakaian dalam terkini, Raquel.

acai bar qubicle

Acai Bar at Qubicle Center

In this event SHOPPE33.COM also introduced the latest brand from PT. Premium Metropolis, Acai BAR. Acai BAR’s main menu based on Acai Berry, nutritious fruits of the Amazon region (South America) which is well-known for their health benefits. In the event two signature menu were introduced, the Acai Bowl and the Acai Blend. Acai Bowl consists of 90% pure Acai puree topped with accompanying sides such as bananas, grapes, chia seed, pomegranate, and more. As for Acai Blend is an alternative menu for those who prefer lighter option in the form of frozen drink, consisting similar nutritional value of the Acai Berry fruit itself. Acai BAR will be officially launched in second quarter 2017.

Pada event ini SHOPPE33.COM turut memperkenalkan Acai BAR, brand terbaru dari PT. Premium Metropolis. Acai BAR memiliki menu andalan berbasis Acai Berry, buah bernutrisi tinggi dari daerah Amazon (Amerika Selatan) yang terkenal bermanfaat untuk kesehatan. Menu yang tersedia terdiri dari Acai Bowl dan Acai Blend. Acai Bowl terdiri dari 90% Acai Puree yang dilengkapi dengan berbagai pelengkap seperti buah pisang, anggur, chia seed, delima, dan lainnya. Sedangkan untuk Acai Blend merupakan menu alternatif  yang lebih ringan untuk yang menyukai frozen drink tanpa mengurangi nilai nutrisi dari buah Acai Berry itu sendiri. Acai BAR akan resmi diluncurkan pada kuartal kedua tahun 2017.


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Fall’s Territory

thepost05 shoppe33

Courtesy: SHOPPE 33 The Post

A year full of stylish dressing has almost come to an end. From spring fashion where designers love to play with light accent yet colorful palettes, to fall fashion where layering begins again. But this particular season is a whole another situation. Fashion comes in a most daring way. There are no rules saying you should practically do this and that. A modern woman is not interpreted by what the season tells them to do. They are ultra-outrageous and not afraid to pull off something that makes them look chic.

Setahun penuh tampil penuh gaya sudah hampir berakhir. Dari fashion musim semi dimana para designer lebih bermain dengan aksen ringan dan aneka warna, beralih ke fashion musim gugur dimana layering mengambil alih. Tapi kali ini berbeda. Fashion hadir dengan lebih berani. Tidak ada aturan yang mengharuskan seperti ini atau itu dalam berpakaian. Seorang wanita modern tidak bisa ditebak dari sekedar musim mengharuskannya tampil seperti apa. Mereka tidak kenal takut untuk mengenakan sesuatu yang membuat mereka tampil chic.


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Vivian Lee

Thursday September 22nd, 2016, the latest addition to the SHOPPE 33’s Indonesian Talent, Vivian Lee, held its first public launch event at La Vie Marketing Gallery in Kuningan, Jakarta. Packed with media friends and Jakarta’s socialites, the Label presented its first ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by the lines, from blind contour drawing to handwritings, the first collection from Vivian Lee explores minimalist design, yet to create maximum effect. Ruches and Pleats are the details on focus on the collection to deliver simple chic silhouettes.

Kamis, 22 September 2016, Indonesian Talent terbaru SHOPPE 33, Vivian Lee, mengadakan acara perkenalan di Marketing Gallery La Vie, Kuningan, Jakarta. Pada acara yang dipenuhi oleh para teman media dan sosialita Jakarta ini, Vivian Lee menunjukkan koleksi ready-to-wear pertamanya. Terinspirasi oleh “garis”, dari gambar kontur kasar hingga kaligrafi, koleksi pertama Vivian Lee mengeksplorasi desain minimal dan menciptakan efek maksimum. Lipat dan lipit menjadi fokus detail untuk menampilkan siluet yang simpel dan manis.


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Emmy Best Dressed 2016

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Spy On: Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander - Rupert Sanderson -

Alicia Vikander, Courtesy:

Alicia Vikander looks elegantly radiant over the ultra chic sheer dress with floral embroidery details and Rupert Sanderson’s bright ankle strap red velvet sandals.

Alicia Vikander memancarkan aura elegan dengan paduan gaun cantik berdetail bordir bunga dengan sepatu beludru bertali merah menyala.

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Femme Affair

Talking about spring and summer collections, almost all the designers chose the elements mostly from the nature. Altogether the idea was mixed with the spirit of the brand. The sweet intricacy and hours of craftsmanship were born. When they showed it the first time to the public’s eyes, speculations had gone. The inspirations have now become trends. The only trend that is recurrently shown to our sight is none otherworldly, being feminine.
Floral, lace, bow, frill, and soft colors make their appearances on multiple major runways. Those elements are somehow pushing forward the feminist issue that recently blew up in many aspects. Fashion is the subject that is undeniably affected. Women are now becoming the best version of who they are. Women who are free-spirited, strong, independent, keenly stylish and not afraid to add the feminine details to their attire.
The designers who support those women this season do not hesitate to also create a silhouette that makes our body beautiful, no matter what size we are. Holly Fulton, is no exception to the list. Apart from the bubblegum colors, Holly Fulton also forms the shape of flower petals amazingly. The Australian-based designer, Alice McCall, makes lace more romantic than ever. Through its shape, the collection becomes the new talk-about. The question for all, are we feminist? If the answer was yes, would you mind wear this trend?

Rosalindynata Gunawan - SHOPPE 33 The Post - Windy Sucipto

Rosalindynata Gunawan, Courtesy: SHOPPE 33 The Post, Windy Sucipto

It was Sunday afternoon when we set the date with one of the most seen faces in local fashion scene. She is petite but courageous, and probably the most humble person in the bunch. She has just recently cut her hair off, from long to short blunt bob. She is none other than the talented lady, Rosalindynata Gunawan.
Name every event in the industry and you may not miss the glimpse of her. Her small figure never hides behind everyone else’s frame that surrounds her. It is simply because of her personality that makes her stand-out. She is now a notable kids-wear designer who built her career just by accident.

Pada suatu minggu sore, kami berkesempatan untuk bertatap muka dengan salah satu wajah terkemuka di dunia fashion Indonesia. Bertubuh mungil namun berjiwa teguh dan rendah hati. Baru-baru ini dia memangkas rambutnya pendek berpotongan “bob”. Mari kita berkenalan lebih jauh dengan wanita penuh talenta, Rosalindynata Gunawan.

Kita mungkin sering melihat dirinya menghadiri berbagai perhelatan. Walau bertubuh mungil, sosoknya tetap menjadi pusat perhatian dengan kepribadiannya yang mencolok. Saat ini, dia merupakan desainer pakaian anak-anak yang cukup disegani dan asal mula karirnya merupakan suatu ketidaksengajaan.


trend stripes @overmystyledbody

trend stripes @overmystyledbody

Canadian fashion blogger @overmystyledbody channels the relaxed sartorial look this summer by pairing solid color top with tailored stripes pants. Get her look with SHOPPE 33’s summer styles.


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