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Femme Affair

Talking about spring and summer collections, almost all the designers chose the elements mostly from the nature. Altogether the idea was mixed with the spirit of the brand. The sweet intricacy and hours of craftsmanship were born. When they showed it the first time to the public’s eyes, speculations had gone. The inspirations have now become trends. The only trend that is recurrently shown to our sight is none otherworldly, being feminine.
Floral, lace, bow, frill, and soft colors make their appearances on multiple major runways. Those elements are somehow pushing forward the feminist issue that recently blew up in many aspects. Fashion is the subject that is undeniably affected. Women are now becoming the best version of who they are. Women who are free-spirited, strong, independent, keenly stylish and not afraid to add the feminine details to their attire.
The designers who support those women this season do not hesitate to also create a silhouette that makes our body beautiful, no matter what size we are. Holly Fulton, is no exception to the list. Apart from the bubblegum colors, Holly Fulton also forms the shape of flower petals amazingly. The Australian-based designer, Alice McCall, makes lace more romantic than ever. Through its shape, the collection becomes the new talk-about. The question for all, are we feminist? If the answer was yes, would you mind wear this trend?