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The Come-Back

Seasons to seasons and overtime, trends move in cycle with some improvisation and new innovation. This year, we see a lot of the ground breaking come-backs with new stylings and treatments, ready to be the game changers for the Fall 2015.

Military Tone: Military color and shape are widely seen in warm earthy tone and bold structure this season. Varying from pants to double breasted outerwear in clean cutting and simple construction. All in a service-style for your new stylish look this season.

White Elegance: The crisp clean white hits every season in the color’s very own class, elegantly from basic to complex tailoring. The white is now back with the enhancement of brush of geometries and uneven linings. Pair it with similar hues, or even white on white for clean statement look and contrasting hues for timeless-elegance.

Patchy Patchwork: Patchwork is the newest coming-back trend this season. Comes minimal shape but with rich color play. Red to blue, mixed with neutrals in abstract patterns, delivering vibrant vibes and excitement.

Peek-a-boo Lace: The trendiest laces get softer yet bigger shapes for posh and femininity. While the colors are varying from midnight black to popping green. All of them are about to show a little skin to attract eyes.